Energy Efficient

Every Home We Build

Engineered to Green Standards

Every Sage home includes a variety of features and benefits that ensure it is on the cutting edge of efficiency, affordability and comfort. Sage Homes are HEALTHIER, more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, & more ENERGY EFFICIENT.

Sage Homes partners with Built Green®, a residential building program that provides a menu of options builders can use to create quality homes. When compared to standard homes, Built Green® homes are more cost-effective, healthier, more comfortable and sustainable, and more protective of our beautiful Pacific Northwest environment.

Sage Homes in Seattle neighborhoods are 4 Star Built Green® Certified which means that every home we build ls engineered to Built Green® standards, and includes products and materials that meet or exceed energy, air quality, water efficiency, and stormwater management standards.

Sage Homes outside of the city of Seattle are built with our Sage Homes Elements, which is our are commitment to building greener homes. We do this by choosing building materials that are durable, functional, recycled, recyclable, healthy, efficient, and locally sourced to support local business and cut down on effects on our environment from transportation. Energy efficient products and elements include, but are not limited to, covered porches, use of LED and energy efficient lighting fixtures, goal to achieve 20% improvement over WA State Energy Code, and more.

HERS Ratings

The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) was developed by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) for inspecting and calculating a home's energy efficiency.

What the Numbers Mean

  • The lower a home's rating, the more energy efficient it is.
  • A typical existing home earns a rating of 130 on the HERS Index.*
  • The HERS reference home has a rating of 100.*
  • Sage Homes average 56 on the HERS Index**

Money-wise, a HERS rating of 60 can result in $1,257 in annual energy savings compared to an existing home. 

For the homebuyer, HERS makes the process of finding an energy efficient home more feasible since you can easily understand the ratings, and get an apple-to-apple comparison of the efficiency of one home versus another.

*Based on the U.S. Department of Energy definition of a HERS lndex of 130.
**The 56 HERS lndex rating shown is the estimate for the Sage home located at 2245 NW 64th Street, Seattle, WA This home contains the standard features available in the majority of homes we build. All estimates are based upon DOE and independent RESNET approved software for analyses and reporting. We do not guarantee or warrant actual HERS lndex ratings. Utility costs may vary depending on house type, orientation, house size, utility rates, climate and operation of the home.

5 Stars! Sage Homes Northwest continues to surprise and delight new home owners with innovative design, attention to detail and award winning customer service. How refreshing to work with true professionals. BTW, the roof decks on most all their homes are magazine worthy!

Jay Miller