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Live/Work or just Live in new Hillman City townhomes

February 27, 2020

Creating a work/life balance is a difficult goal to accomplish. Determining the percentage of time spent in both your professional and personal life is not an exact science and can take some time to figure out. However, what if your home offered help in your work/life balance? Flatiron Station in Columbia City, gives you the choice of Live/Work or just ‘live” in Sage Homes Northwest’s new community. 

Live/Work Floor Plans

Four of the units at Flatiron Station will be Live/Work units, utilizing two floor plans. The Calatrava and The Maya both feature an office on the bottom floor with living space on the remaining two floors above and a rooftop deck. Both home designs include 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms;  The Calatrava offers 1,574 total square feet while The Maya provides 1,399 square feet. These Live/Work units are both great options for someone looking to have a designated space for working. 

Both office space options come with a bathroom and private entry. There is plenty of room for a desk, sitting area, storage and more. One advantage to having a designated office space in your own home is being able to decorate it to your liking. You can include personal touches like photographs of family and pets and go beyond beige for the wall color.

Other Uses for Live/Work

If you don’t need a designated workspace or studio at home, you can still take advantage of these convenient floor plans. A popular option is to rent out the first-floor while still enjoying the beautiful living space above. This rent can offset your mortgage, making your monthly cost incredibly affordable.

If you are not interested in residing in a live/work townhome but still love the location of our community, we have other floor plan options as well. The Morgan (1,706 square feet) and The Wren (1,721 square feet) each feature 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The first floor offers a living space with a great room and kitchen instead of an office space.

Regardless of which floor plan best fits your lifestyle, these modern Seattle townhomes offer something for everyone. If you would like to learn more about opportunities at Flatiron Station in Columbia City or Sage Homes Northwest’s other Seattle homes for sale, visit our website or contact Tom Skepetaris at (206) 818-1966.

5 Stars! Great design and well built homes!

Will Crites