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Every member of our team understands that our reputation is bound by the homes we produce and the experience our homebuyers will have in their homes for many decades to come.

Jesse Molnick


Sage Homes Northwest is the result of experience and vision. Having spent most of my career in the real estate and land development community of Seattle, I witnessed missteps that evolved into business failures. Todd Leabman and I launched our homebuilding business during the economic downturn, in spite of the many construction companies failing at the time. We didn’t see it as a risky endeavor, but the opportunity to change the way homes are built and sold. Quite simply, do the right thing. Don’t wait to be asked. Explore the opportunities and pursue positive change and mitigate risk with every design.

The easiest and cheapest thing to do is not part of our culture. We’ve built a team of professionals who consistently focus on excellence. As a result, our warranty claims and costs are extremely low—and we never have to hide from the inspectors.

We have overcome the challenges of building in Seattle. There is nothing that can’t be done and no goal that can’t be achieved when you have a solid plan, accurate information, a strong work ethic, and a passion to get there. I’m proud of how we have successfully followed a carefully laid-out business plan over the past 10 years while remaining open that the assumptions around our plan must always be tested. 

Todd Leabman


My business partner, Jesse Molnick, and I founded Sage Homes Northwest in 2007, a year some might consider a challenging one to start a home building company, given the state of the economy and housing market at that time. Instead, what we saw was an opportunity to step onto the field with a new approach – one founded on integrity, the building of strong relationships, maintaining transparency, and by the firm implementation of industry best practices. 

My experiences since have affirmed the importance of these early decisions in our company’s history. I’ve seen that it takes consistently exceptional efforts to deliver consistently exceptional results. I’ve seen our company not only grow from the ground up, but also excel and surpass many others in the region - and beyond. I believe it is due to our strong foundational principals, as well as our vigilant application of clearly defined short and long-term objectives, that our company has come to thrive. Over the years, we have developed a nuanced understanding of Seattle’s housing market, and we continue to keep a judicious finger on its pulse, while maintaining our central emphasis on teamwork, sustainability, value building, and – above all – quality.

Sage Homes Northwest has designed and built hundreds of homes in the Seattle market since we began building in the city. We’ve cultivated a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals whom we are proud to have amongst us. We always strive to go above and beyond to deliver first-class homes to our customers on budget, on time, every time, while also keeping a close eye on the long and exciting road ahead.

Alan Boeker


Alan joined Sage Homes in 2019 after serving as the Chief Operating Officer for Connor Homes. Alan sets strategic direction for executive staff including land acquisition, planning & entitlements, development, purchasing, home building, quality assurance and warranty. He is a coauthor of the company's annual business plan. Ye is responsible for seeking out and evaluating market data to inform individual acquisitions as well as production targets and has primary responsibility for management of new home designs. Prior to working at Connor Homes, Alan was President of Port Blakely Communities where he assumed leadership of a 4,000 lot mixed use master planned development. Alan also served as President Standard Pacific Homes (now Lennar) where he founded the Los Angeles division focused on high density infill. He holds and MBA with Real Estate Development from National University.

Andrew Robertson

VP of Operations

Andrew is responsible for the management of the design and construction of the projects for Sage Homes and has a demonstrated history of designing and building high quality projects on time and on budget while maintaining high standards and customer satisfaction.

Kristine Thompson

Financial Controller

Kristine manages Sage Homes financial management and reporting in support of management with various tasks including preparing timely and accurate monthly financial statements and consolidated GAAP financial statements; Implementation and maintenance of internal controls; Preparation and analysis of budgets; preparation for audits and compliance for accountants, banks and insurance companies.

Sunshine Kapus

Director of Planning & Entitlements

Sunshine is responsible for the management of land use and entitlements for Sage Homes. She previously worked as the Entitlement Manager of Polygon Northwest Homes.

Mike Ashton

VP of Construction

Mike has been with Sage Homes since its founding and is responsible for the management of the company's construction projects. 

5 Stars! Outstanding quality, top-notch integrity. They build houses with the utmost quality. High-end construction and extremely high quality.

Salma Adams