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About Our Homebuilder's Limited Warranty

As a premier new home builder, we are proud to offer our buyers the most comprehensive new home warranty available today as a sign of confidence in our homes and those who service them. Unlike most new home builder warranties, our Home Builder’s Limited Warranty (HBLW) provides protection against more than just “major structural failures”. Simply stated we warrant that your new home will be free of “Construction Defects” for the full term of the warranty.* The Limited Warranty document defines those conditions that constitute a “Construction Defect” and describes the process used to determine whether a condition you report qualifies for coverage. Binding arbitration resolves any disputes between us and the homeowner.

Home Buyer Advantage

Our HBLW program is not limited to the standard structural failure warranties offered by most builders. A detailed explanation of conditions that constitute a construction defect are provided in our sample warranty booklet.

Another benefit is that you continue to deal directly with us throughout the entire warranty period. Most other 3rd party warranty programs require homeowners to file claims with the warranty company and pay claim service fees.

Why Offer This Level of Warranty Protection?

We know your new home is most likely the largest investment you will ever make. We want you to feel secure and confi- dent in choosing us as your builder. Very few builders are eligible to offer this unique, long-term warranty and this says something very important about us. We strive to give you a high level of written protection, so imagine the care we take in building your new home!

Disputes Resolved Quickly & Easily

We are proud of our customer service record, but should a disagreement occur, the warranty provides a no-cost mediation process via a third-party administrator, Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC). PWSC’s alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or the Binding Arbitration Procedure resolves any disputes between homeowners and us. ADR allows for speedy and final resolution of disputes and, in most cases, at far less cost than litigation. The warranty document outlines the process for filing a “Binding Arbitration Request Form” and how to determine the fees associated with the Binding Arbitration process.

When You Sell Your Home...

If you decide to sell your home, the Home Builder’s Limited Warranty is transferable to the new owner for the remaining term of our limited warranty. All the new owner has to do is complete the “Subsequent Home Buyer Acknowledgment and Assignment Form” found in the warranty document. This feature can be an attractive selling point for homeowners or sales agents. We will provide a copy of our Home Builder’s Limited Warranty document questions regarding this valuable home protection.

"The folks at Sage Homes have delivered on all their promises and more. Working with them has always felt like a family business that cared about us as customers not just as a transaction."

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