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At Sage Homes, we are passionately committed to crafting high-quality homes that enhance communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. We invite you to explore our unwavering commitment to excellence and discover lucrative investment opportunities that align with our visionary approach.


Explore our diverse real estate portfolio and dive into the success stories of Sage Homes' many projects.
Monroe, WA
Current Operating Asset
Monroe Portfolio
The Monroe portfolio consists of three multifamily assets with a combined 53 units. The properties were purchased in 2022 as long-term value add opportunities. The debt was structured around a 24-month renovation project that included exterior and interior improvements to all three properties.
Current Operating Asset
Richmond VA Portfolio
The Virginia portfolio consists of three 1970’s vintage multifamily assets with a combined 112 units. The properties were purchased in 2022 with anticipation as a 3-5 year hold.
Lakewood, WA
Vessey Apartments
The Lakewood portfolio consists of a 1950’s vintage apartment complex with 54 units. The property was purchased in 2017 as a long-term value add opportunity.
Marysville, WA
Ridgeline, a community of newly constructed single-family homes, was initiated in 2014 on land valued at $2,107,000. Upon completion, the total value of the development reached $17,150,000.
Seattle, WA
Seattle Redevelopment 1
The new construction of a for-sale townhome complex in Seattle, which started in 2016, commenced on land initially valued at $16,090,000. Upon completion, the value of the property escalated to $71,800,000.
Montesano, WA
Current Operating Asset
Vessey Park Apartments
Vessey Park Apartments were acquired as a value-add opportunity in January 2018 and continue to achieve steady rent growth and high occupancy rates.

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