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We're committed to building the most durable, functional and environmentally friendly apartments and commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest. Every project has the same emphasis on quality construction paired with a masterful design. Our projects are built with the comforts and conveniences you’ve come to expect in a Sage home.

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Current projects
Armar Townhomes
11 units
6511 Armar Rd, 98270
Marysville, WA
Cambridge Apartments
16 units
405 S Norris St, 98233
Burlington, WA
Cherry Creek Apartments
18 units
520 S Kelsey St, 98272
Monroe, WA
Colonial Court
41 units
9120 Lawndale Ave SW, 98498
Lakewood, WA
Edgewood Apartments
48 units
1900 Warren Ave, 23860
Hopewell, VA
Evergreen Court
40 units
12809 47th Ave SW, 98499
Lakewood, WA
Evergreen Townhomes
6 units
341 W Elizabeth St, 98272
Monroe, WA
Garden Park
12850 Lincoln Ave SW, 98499
Lakewood, WA
Huntwood Apartments
32 units
2570 Alcott Rd, 23237
Richmond, VA
Oakwood Apartments
32 units
5001 Alan Dr, 23234
Richmond, VA
Parkside Apartments
29 units
700 W Maple St, 98272
Monroe, WA
Rawley Manor
12 units
1011 E Division St, 98274
Mount Vernon, WA
8 units
7601 Ridgewood Dr, 98203
Everett, WA
Vessey Park Apartments
53 units
822 Pioneer Ave E, 98563
Montesano, WA
Upcoming projects
Markwood East Phase I
156 units
Burlington, WA
Markwood East Phase II
58 units
Burlington, WA
This project also includes 1,500 sqft of retail space
Trailhead Apartments
109 units
Bremerton, WA
Walnut Trail Apartments
120 units
Burlington, WA
This project also includes 10,000 sqft of retail space
Past projects
No items found.

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